Terms and Conditions

1. Purchasing

When you make a purchase through The Heating Co, it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t schedule any installation or works until your products are delivered and have been carefully checked over.

These terms and conditions apply to all purchases made through the The Heating Co website, which will be ultimately fulfilled by AHK Designs Ltd (trading as Victoria Plum), who wholly manage this transactional website. When you place your order, this indicates you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

All orders will be treated as an offer by you to purchase the goods subject to these terms and conditions.

To order products through this website you must be:

  • 18 years old+
  • Able to accept delivery within the United Kingdom

For non-consumer transactions, you affirm your authority to represent any business using this platform for purchasing goods. These terms and conditions form the comprehensive agreement between you and Victoria Plum, superseding any prior agreements, oral or written.

Each order you place is considered an offer to purchase goods under the stipulations of our terms and conditions. Victoria Plum accepts this offer when the ordered goods are delivered to you. Notably, the contract is not established upon payment or email acknowledgment; rather, at the point of physical delivery.

To facilitate order access and retention, Victoria Plum store the content of the contract and share order details and general terms by email. This information can be accessed through your Victoria Plum customer login for your convenience.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to make your purchasing journey with Victoria Plum as smooth and satisfying as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, the Victoria Plum customer service team is on hand to assist you.

2. Description of goods

Within the realm of our site, all visuals, descriptive content, specifications and promotional material serve the singular purpose of providing an approximate portrayal of the goods. The specifications communicated to our customers are not absolute but are intended merely as informative guides. While we diligently strive to ensure the accuracy of all product descriptions, we strongly recommend customers seek technical advice from qualified sources before proceeding with product orders or any associated work.

Despite our best efforts to faithfully reproduce product colours, it is important to note that subtle variations may arise during the printing and photography processes.

Please be aware that certain products, such as bathroom furniture, might necessitate adjustments to align with your specific requirements—be it pipework configurations, layout constraints or design preferences. Any modifications of this nature are undertaken at your own risk, and it’s important to acknowledge that resultant alterations may impact the validity of your product guarantee.

3. Payment and pricing

From time to time, we may adjust the price of goods on our website and reserve the right to do so.


The price you pay for your goods will be as quoted during the ordering process. This price includes Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable, at the current rate chargeable in the UK. In the event of a change in VAT between your order date and the delivery date, we will adjust the VAT accordingly, unless you’ve already settled the full payment before the VAT alteration becomes effective. It’s important to note that the delivery charges are not included in the goods’ price. You’ll be informed of the delivery charges during the checkout process, allowing you to confirm your order. For the most up-to-date delivery charges, please refer to Victoria Plum’s dedicated delivery page.

Pricing errors

In the event of a pricing error discovered after you’ve placed an order, Victoria Plum will promptly contact you, providing you with the choice to proceed with the purchase at the accurate price or cancel your order. Victoria Plum will refrain from processing your order until your instructions have been received. Should attempts to contact you using the provided details prove unsuccessful, Victoria Plum will consider the order cancelled and formally notify you in writing. Please be aware that if a pricing error is glaringly obvious and could have been recognised by you as a mispricing, Victoria Plum are not obligated to provide the goods at the incorrect (lower) price.

Payment methods

We accept most major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.

TTo ensure a smooth processing of your order, we request that all goods be paid for upon completion of the order, with funds cleared before delivery. When placing an order, it is imperative to provide your exact billing address and telephone number. Any inaccuracies in this information may cause delays in processing your order.

For information on sale pricing, see Section 7. Promotions of these terms and conditions.

4. Delivery information

Delivery of your order will be fulfilled by Victoria Plum, who aim to deliver most products within 5 working days if possible.

Please note that any delivery dates provided are tentative and subject to change. Availability of goods plays a crucial role, and delays in delivery, at times beyond Victoria Plum’s control, may occur. All orders are required to be delivered within a 28-day timeframe.

All delivery services are subject to availability and some postcodes may be excluded. Please refer to Victoria Plum’s delivery page for specific details.

Out of stock items

In instances where items on your order are currently out of stock, the entire order will be delivered once these items become available. Should you prefer an immediate delivery for the in-stock items, please contact Victoria Plum and they will gladly arrange it for you.

Missing delivery dates

If, for any reason, Victoria Plum miss the delivery date for your goods, you reserve the right to cancel your order under the following circumstances:

(a) Victoria Plum have refused to deliver the goods.

(b) Delivery within the specified deadline was crucial, considering all relevant circumstances.

(c) You explicitly communicated the essential nature of delivery within the specified deadline before Victoria Plum accepted your order.

Should you choose to cancel due to a late delivery, you have the option to cancel the entire order or just specific items, unless separating them significantly diminishes their value. If the goods have already been delivered, you’ll need to either return them or permit Victoria Plum to collect them and cover the associated costs. Following the cancellation, any sums paid for the cancelled goods and their delivery will be refunded.

If Victoria Plum’s couriers arrive at your delivery address on the allocated day and within the agreed-upon timeslot but are unable to complete the delivery, they reserve the right to charge an additional £34.99 redelivery fee for the rescheduled delivery.

Once delivery has been made

Upon receiving your order, review your receipt carefully to verify the accuracy of all details. Take a moment to ensure that none of your items are missing or incorrect. If you do find missing or damaged items, it is vital you contact Victoria Plum within 72 hours. You can find more information about reporting damaged or missing items on the Victoria Plum website.

Once the goods have been delivered to your doorstep, the responsibility for them transfers directly to you. The delivery will strictly adhere to the address specified in the order, and goods will not be left unattended without a signature, except when authorised by the individual named on the order. If permission is granted to leave the delivery without a signature, please note that a person aged 18 years or older must be present to receive the order. From the acknowledged delivery of the goods, any subsequent loss or damage to the items becomes your sole responsibility. Ownership of the goods is officially transferred to you once Victoria Plum have received full payment, inclusive of all applicable delivery charges.

If you have any queries or concerns about your delivery, please contact Victoria Plum directly.

5. Returns, exchanges, damaged goods and missing items

Returning or exchanging your product

If you are unhappy with your item, for any reason, it can be returned and exchanged. This must be arranged directly with Victoria Plum and the specified time frames for this can be found on their Returns page.

Reporting damaged goods and missing items

If there are parts missing from your order or missing items, it is vital that you contact Victoria Plum directly within 72 hours of delivery. You can find more information about reporting damaged or missing items on the Victoria Plum website.

6. Product guarantees

General product guarantees

All The Heating Co products come with a standard guarantee ensuring that, upon delivery and for a duration of 1 year, the product(s) will be free from material defects. This guarantee is exclusive to the purchaser or, if different, the initial end user of the product(s) and is not transferable.

Responsibility lies with the purchaser (or the first end user) to routinely inspect the product(s). Victoria Plum cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting from a failure or delay in promptly reporting defects.

Victoria Plum will not replace any product(s) installed with a discernible fault, whether originating from Victoria Plum or elsewhere, that would have been evident before installation.

The standard guarantee applies solely to product(s) used for domestic purposes, adhering to the fitting instructions and technical data included at the time of purchase. It does not cover products that have been relocated from their original installation position.

The remedy under this guarantee is the right to have defective products replaced. Victoria Plum are only responsible for repair work directly linked to manufacturing defects, excluding any losses not directly associated with the claimed defect.

If you are a consumer, this guarantee complements rather than affects your legal rights regarding faulty or misrepresented products. For guidance on your legal rights, consult your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office.

To initiate a claim under this guarantee, please follow the instructions provided in the email correspondence.

Extended guarantees may be available for certain products, depending on eligibility. Details of any extended guarantee will accompany your product where applicable.

Extended product guarantees

While all The Heating Co products come with a standard 1-year guarantee, extended guarantees are offered free of charge for selected items.

You can find out more about extended product guarantees on the Victoria Plum website.


Victoria Plum’s liability under this guarantee excludes consequential losses, direct or indirect, such as wasted time, materials, expenditure or loss of use, profit, production, revenue, expected savings or goodwill.

This guarantee does not impede your statutory rights.


  • This guarantee is applicable to products used exclusively for domestic purposes.
  • The guarantee period spans a single continuous period from the date of delivery.
  • It is personal to the original purchaser and non-transferable.
  • Original proof of purchase must be provided for any claims.
  • The guarantee does not cover modified, altered or transformed products.
  • It applies only to the original installation and does not cover products moved from their original position.
  • This guarantee is valid for products purchased and/or installed in the UK.
  • No claim will be accepted if a product is installed with a fault that would have been evident before installation.

Guarantee disclaimers

  • Investigation of each complaint is based on individual merit, provided the complaint is solely due to a manufacturing fault and proper product maintenance has been adhered to.
  • Ultraviolet rays may affect organic materials, leading to colour changes. This is not considered a product defect.
  • Victoria Plum reserves the right to inspect the complaint and must be offered the opportunity to do so.

Guarantee and liability

  • Victoria Plum will not rectify or replace goods if the full payment hasn’t been made, if the goods haven’t been properly installed, used and maintained, or if they’ve been altered without approval.
  • Except as required by law, Victoria Plum will not be liable for any direct, consequential or other loss, damage or injury suffered or incurred by you.
  • Nothing in the contract excludes liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.
  • All conditions, warranties and representations in relation to the product (other than title) are excluded.
  • Prices reflect these terms, and acceptance of the limitations and exclusions of liability is implied.
  • Providing information to Victoria Plum is subject to their terms and other policies available on their website.

Guarantee service policy

For enquiries to the Victoria Plum Customer Care team:

  • Ensure you have the original proof of purchase, product number, date of purchase, contact details and the installation postcode.
  • The Customer Care team will determine if the fault can be rectified with a replacement part or an onsite visit by a qualified service engineer.
  • If a service call is required, it will be booked and the date confirmed. You or a representative must be present during the engineer’s visit.
  • A charge may apply for an aborted service call or if the failure is unrelated to the product supplied by Victoria Plum.
  • If the product is no longer covered by the guarantee, charges will apply for the site visit and any parts supplied.
  • Service charges must be settled promptly; failure to do so may result in an administration charge.

7. Promotions

For details of any promotions, discount codes and offers, please see terms and conditions provided.


You can claim free shipping by choosing “Free shipping” when you check out.

This offer is available to most addresses in the UK mainland, but may not be available in some geographical locations.

We reserve the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time, without prior notice. This offer may not be combined with other promotions, offers, voucher codes or price matches.

8. Privacy policy

Please read the Victoria Plum privacy policy, which fully applies to the The Heating Co website.

9. Copyright

Ownership and permission

All intellectual property rights related to the site design, text, graphics and other content, as well as interfaces, and their selection and arrangements, are the property of AHK Designs Ltd. All rights are reserved, except as outlined below. You are granted permission to electronically copy and print hard copy sections of this site solely for placing orders with Victoria Plum or utilising the site for shopping purposes. Any unauthorised use, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned, modification, distribution or republication, is strictly prohibited.

About The Heating Co

Accessing, using, and shopping at www.theheating.co and any associated subdomains is provided by AHK Designs Ltd under the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

By using or continuing to use the websites and their associated subdomains, you agree to be bound by these terms, effective immediately upon your first visit to the website. If you do not agree with all of the following terms, please refrain from accessing, using and shopping at www.theheating.co.

Additional copyright information

At The Heating Co, we strive to offer unique and valuable information and updates to our customers regarding industry and product news, company updates and the latest products through our blog section and other sources on the The Heating Co website.

All content, in any form, displayed on the website is professionally authored and the exclusive property of AHK Designs Ltd. Copying, reproducing, republishing, disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, downloading, posting, broadcasting, transmitting, making available to the public or any other use of The Heating Co content, except for personal, non-commercial use, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, you agree not to adapt, alter or create derivative works from The Heating Co content, except for personal, non-commercial use.

Any individuals, websites, and website owners, among others, found in breach may be pursued by AHK Designs Ltd.

For product description terms, please refer to Section 2. Description of goods.

10. Disclaimer and limitations on the liability of AHK Designs Ltd (trading as Victoria Plum)

While acknowledging the statutory rights afforded to product purchasers, the content and materials on this site, including text, graphics and links, are provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty. Specifically, Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd) does not assert that the information accessible through this site is accurate, complete, or current. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the use of the site is free from the risk of viruses or other potential damage. Price and availability information are subject to change without prior notice. Products purchased from Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd) and associated services, provided by the same, are warranted in accordance with applicable law. Nothing herein intends to exclude or limit any rights granted by applicable law to consumers concerning such products or services. Individual products may carry additional warranties or guarantees from their manufacturers, but such agreements are enforceable solely against the party providing them, not Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd).

Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd) operates as a retailer and not as technical experts in heating, plumbing or bathroom installation. Staff members are explicitly instructed not to provide technical advice. Any technical queries should be directed to qualified professionals such as a CORGI registered gas installer or a member of the Institute of Plumbing. Any advice provided by Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd) is not to be relied upon without verification from a qualified professional. Victoria Plum (AHK Designs Ltd) disclaims any responsibility for damage resulting from reliance on such advice.

The stock quantity displayed on the website for each item is automatically updated every 10 minutes, serving as a guide but not guaranteeing stock allocation to an order. Although efforts will be made to ensure accuracy, Victoria Plum cannot be held liable for occasional errors in stock availability. Customers will be informed of any shortages by the Victoria Plum Customer Care team.

These terms and conditions, along with all transactions and non-contractual obligations arising from this website, are governed by English law and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of English courts. Amendments to these terms and conditions are not accepted.

11. Complaints

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint, please contact Victoria Plum directly in one of the following ways:

a. You can send a written letter to Victoria Plum, Unit 2 First Point Business Park, Water Vole Way, Doncaster DN4 5JP.

b. Alternatively, you may contact Victoria Plum by email at [email protected]. They are committed to responding within 48 hours.

In the event that the resolution provided does not meet your expectations, you have the right to explore alternative dispute resolution options. You can escalate your complaint to Resolver, an impartial and free issue resolution service.

Finance-related complaints

Should your complaint be associated with the financial aspects linked to your purchase, please notify Victoria Plum, and they will forward it to your credit provider. They will acknowledge and thoroughly investigate the matter, issuing a response within 8 weeks.

If you find the response from your credit provider unsatisfactory, you may consider escalating the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Ensure you reach out to them within 6 months of receiving the final response letter from your credit provider. Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service:

a. Write a letter to Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.

b. Call them at 0300 123 9 123.

c. Email them at [email protected].

For additional information, refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service website.

12. Vulnerable customers policy


This policy is designed to ensure that our business operations have a positive and considerate impact on customers facing unique challenges. In the context of this policy, customers with potential vulnerabilities are individuals whose circumstances or abilities necessitate extra precautions in the delivery of our services, ensuring they experience no disadvantage.


Our primary objective is to guarantee fair treatment for all customers, taking into account their individual circumstances. We strive to make all our products and services accessible to every customer, ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse needs.


We acknowledge that specific customer groups may be susceptible to vulnerabilities. While not every member of these groups may be vulnerable, we will assess individual circumstances when potential vulnerabilities are identified. These groups include, but are not limited to:

• Customers with communication challenges (such as learning difficulties, non-native English speakers, and dyslexia)

• Customers experiencing a decline in physical or mental capacity

• Customers facing health issues, be it physical or mental, severe or long-term

• Customers dealing with sudden serious illness diagnoses for themselves or close family members

• Customers with personal circumstances, including financial challenges, bereavement, caregiving responsibilities or redundancy

• Customers of varying ages, with considerations for both older and younger individuals. For instance, younger customers may be viewed as less experienced, while older customers may face technological challenges

Policy statement

We are committed to treating each customer as a unique individual, considering their personal circumstances during communication. Every product or service offered by The Heating Co will be accessible to all customers, presented in a manner that facilitates informed decision-making for each individual. When made aware of a potential vulnerability, we may securely document this information for future reference, provided it aligns with the customer’s preferences. This will remain confidential within The Heating Co and will not be a permanent record.

For more details on how we handle and utilise personal information, please refer to Section 8. Privacy policy.

13. Treating customers fairly


The initiative for Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) underscores the imperative for a firm to conscientiously consider the interests of its customers and uphold fairness in their treatment. At The Heating Co, our unwavering commitment to TCF is reflected in this policy, delineating how we integrate TCF principles into our daily operations.

Our TCF guidelines

TCF is interwoven throughout the FCA’s handbook, and The Heating Co aligns with the TCF initiative by adhering to the FCA’s 6 core consumer outcomes, outlining the desired outcomes for consumers. These include:

• Culture—The fair treatment of customers is ingrained in the corporate culture of The Heating Co.

• Product design—Our products and services are crafted to cater to the needs of specific customer groups and are tailored accordingly.

• Clear communication—We furnish transparent information to customers, ensuring they are well-informed before, during, and after a purchase.

• Suitable advice—Any advice provided must be appropriate and considerate of a customer’s individual circumstances.

• Standards—Our products should meet customer expectations, and associated services should uphold an acceptable standard.

• Removal of barriers—Customers should encounter no unreasonable obstacles post-sale, whether related to returns, exchanges or complaint resolution.

Our TCF mission statement

We pledge to conduct ourselves with integrity in all aspects of our operations and aspire to deliver the highest level of service.

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