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Whether you’re buying for a busy family bathroom, a chic ensuite or the tiniest of cloakroom spaces, at The Heating Co. you’ll discover the widest range of radiators and heated towel rails, all at affordable prices.

No matter what style you’re looking to achieve, we have the perfect bathroom heating for you, including classic, traditional designs and on-trend contemporary models. Plus, with a large choice of colours, materials and sizes, you needn’t compromise when it comes to quality.

Dreaming of a warm, fluffy towel the moment you step out of the shower or bath? No problem—all our heated towel rails are made to the highest of standards and designed to perform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a heated towel rail enough to heat a bathroom?

In most cases, a single heated towel rail should be enough to heat a bathroom. However, you should always calculate your required BTU output first and buy a suitable model. Use our handy BTU Calculator  to calculate what radiators / heated towel rail you need.

How can I warm up my bathroom?

Aside from ensuring your bathroom is well insulated, a radiator or heated towel rail is ideal for warming up your bathroom.

Can you have an electric heater in a bathroom?

An electric heater in the bathroom isn’t recommended but can be used, as long as it is kept a safe distance from your shower or bath, and plugged into a socket at least 3 metres away from these. A fixed radiator or heated towel rail is much safer.

What is the best electric heater for a bathroom?

An electric heater that is permanently fixed and wired into the mains, is the best choice for a bathroom. Portable electric heaters aren’t recommended.

Can you leave a heated towel rail on?

Yes, you can leave a heated towel rail switched on. If you use a heating element with your heated towel rail, you can switch it on or off independently to your central heating system. An electric heated towel rail can be left switched on too.

Do heated towel rails use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity a heated towel rail uses depends on many factors, including the amount you use it and the type of heated towel rail you have. An electric towel rail will use electricity every time you use it, however a dual fuel element allows you to choose between central heating and electric options.

Do heated towel rails have thermostats?

Most heated towel rails are plumbed into a central heating system and rely on a central thermostat. However, if you use a heating element or have an electric heated towel rail, these will work with a separate thermostat.

Can a towel warmer catch fire?

As long as you follow all safety instructions, towel warmers, which are usually made exclusively out of metal, like steel and aluminium, should not be able to catch fire.

Can you dry clothes on a heated towel rail?

Heated towel rails are only designed to warm dry towels and come with a maximum weight limit. By drying wet clothes, you may exceed this limit and damage your heated towel rail, voiding any guarantee on that product.

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